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We are all designers…

Foto van een houten circel met segmenten gebruikt in een inclusive design workshop

Indeed, you too are a designer, because design is something human and specific to our culture. Every day, we experience spaces and environments around us. In addition to the natural elements that are present on our planet, all products, services, and physical places are human creations.

As soon as we get up in the morning, we create environments that support us in our daily lives. Devising and designing this, contributes to our human culture. In fact, we are all designers of the environment, every person, one by one, because everyone contributes to the design of our own place. That also ensures that each of us will design and arrange according to their personal reasoning or ideas, according to their mindset, their way of thinking. Sometimes, this can cause us to understand other things in a design because the arrangement, space, colour, shape, material or use of a product, environment or service is different than we would imagine it ourselves.

You have probably stood in front of a machine, and you thought about how to operate it in a simple way or you arrived at a place where it was not at all clear where you were allowed to go or where you did not feel well or welcome at all. Reading an environment is done in different ways and everyone has their own perspectives and interpretations. We are all diverse, and diversity makes it fascinating.
We believe that the more people we share and apply these diverse insights with, the better we can incorporate this into design processes and the more the designs will connect with a larger group of people. This layering, draws a rich design because bringing together various insights makes us richer. Automatically, designs will reach a larger target group.

Are you curious about how you can apply this in your environment or for your products, services or environments? Do not hesitate to contact us.