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Fourmind logo 1 lijn horizontaal: For more inclusive design

For More INclusive Design.

We believe the environment can be disabled and not its user.

What can fourmind do for you?

We look at your question and the world from different perspectives. We help you devise and design a diverse and inclusive environment. We start from the diversity of users to generate innovative results. Advice, research, workshops, process guidance and concept designs for a more inclusive environment for everyone, with a focus on but not limited to the built environment.

Why do we believe in fourmind?

The 21st century is the century of diversity and inclusion; humans have evolved so much that we are ready to take the complexity of diversity to the next level. Design solutions can tackle and even transform the complex challenges we are challenged in today towards new innovative designs. The current context on earth, requires creative solutions that answer and realize the high degree of complexity. Our view and attitude towards this process is crucial for an innovative result. Diversity and inclusion come in as a generator for innovation.

The 4 pilars of fourmind


We advise companies, institutes, public organisations, and services on how they can offer more attention and solutions to inclusion, diversity and sustainability for everyone within the physical environment.


We are happy to assist you in design processes to make a design of an environment or product or service more inclusive for everyone.

We like to think along with you about new concepts with a focus on inclusion.

We provide consultancy during design processes and assist your designers in all branches from the beginning of the design process to generate more inclusive and accessible end results.

We are happy to help you in the preparation of competition designs to ensure that the concept and elaboration meet the principles of inclusive design.


We make research projects for, by and with everyone in function of a more inclusive society.

Knowledge sharing

We provide training, workshops, process guidance, for management teams, design teams, HR departments to embed inclusion in their daily environment.

We give lectures and have standard lectures on inclusion and diversity but can also make tailor-made lectures in consultation with you.

We are happy to share information and knowledge with you via our own platforms and during personal meetings.

How do we tackle this at fourmind?

We start with a clear and thorough analysis of the problem statement and will set out a solution process based on research. With our open design attitude, we think “out of the box” about new strategies, concepts, approach, implementations, …

Diversity is used as an engine for the inclusive solution.

Together with you, we analyse the question and from there build on an action plan and possibilities.

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