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Jasmien Herssens

Foto van een houten circel met segmenten gebruikt in een inclusive design workshop

We are all designers…

Indeed, you too are a designer, because design is something human and specific to our culture. Every day, we experience spaces and environments around us. In addition to the natural elements that are present on our planet, all products, services, and physical places are human creations.

Foto van een rode muur met wit stencil opschrift: leave no one behind

Launching the fourmind-website

On disability day, fourmind was born and a week later we would like to present the website of fourmind, again on a very meaningful day for us: the international day of human rights. The website is online in two languages: Dutch and English but can also be translated into the language you wish via the web browser thanks to settings.

Grafische afbeelding van 3 personen met een handicap en 2 begeleiders

Launch of fourmind

On December 3rd 2022, “fourmind” is born! Created with heart and soul, this new company aims to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse world for all.